Image of the Day, 12/04/13: Christmas cards

The Print Celebrates Design Competition 2013 is the first ever Print competition focused on all things festive! Join the party and submit your 2013 designs today! These gold-stamped Christmas cards by Singapore-based LemonGraphic employ strong typography and high quality printing …


Image of the Day, July 25, 2013

Inventive business card design by Tommy Perez uses die-cut tabs and French Paper Pop-Tone color to create a interactive, dimensional and colorful promotional piece. Via Looks Like Good Design.


Image of the Day, June 5, 2013

Color palette and typography sell this strong identity package for high-end boutique Cocolobo by Anagrama, a branding firm based in Mexico. See more of their work with the brand here.

Today's Obsession: 17 Business Cards

By Internet standards, the link I am about to feed you is prehistoric. It’s a whole year old. Doesn’t matter though. Gorgeous things stay gorgeous. This is a collection of 17 fantastic business cards, collected at Oh, Hello Friend: You …