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Michael Barley; photography business card

05/19/2014: Michael Barley Business Card

The Regional Design Annual is your chance to represent the design scene in your region. Plus, all winners will appear in our highly searched index of winners. Enter today. If you’ve never said “wow” upon being handed a business card, then chances are you haven’t met RDA winner 3 Advertising‘s client Michael Barley. 3 Advertising,...

Image of the Day, 12/04/13: Christmas cards

The Print Celebrates Design Competition 2013 is the first ever Print competition focused on all things festive! Join the party and submit your 2013 designs today! These gold-stamped Christmas cards by Singapore-based LemonGraphic employ strong typography and high quality printing to create stylish holiday greetings that also act a promotional piece. Check out more...

Image of the Day, July 25, 2013

Inventive business card design by Tommy Perez uses die-cut tabs and French Paper Pop-Tone color to create a interactive, dimensional and colorful promotional piece. Via Looks Like Good Design.

Image of the Day, June 5, 2013

Color palette and typography sell this strong identity package for high-end boutique Cocolobo by Anagrama, a branding firm based in Mexico. See more of their work with the brand here.

How Sean Adams Transforms His Childhood Insecurities into Brilliant Graphic Design

If you’ve seen Sean Adams at design functions, you’ll recall a bright and friendly guy who makes grinning 1960s-era stewardesses seem positively dour by comparison. In fact, in a behind-the-scenes story about my Imprint coverage of an event last year I noted, “Throughout AIGA National’s Pivot conference, none of the on-stage staff smiled anywhere...

Today's Obsession: 17 Business Cards

By Internet standards, the link I am about to feed you is prehistoric. It’s a whole year old. Doesn’t matter though. Gorgeous things stay gorgeous. This is a collection of 17 fantastic business cards, collected at Oh, Hello Friend: You Are Loved. Visual and tactile treats, trick cards, seventeen great inspirational pieces. Enjoy.