Picturing Famous Comics Artists and Animators, at Ease

Explore portraits and interviews of cartoonists, comics artists, animators and more, all from Michael Dooley and photographer Greg Preston, who is currently seeking to fund a new volume of his book, The Artist Within.

Los Angeles Views "Graphic Design: Now in Production"

At a Hammer Museum panel last month, Willem Henri Lucas introduced himself, Gail Swanlund, and Brian Roettinger as three L.A.-based designers who were about to discuss a current exhibition of contemporary graphic design in which none of them were included. Asking the audience to keep that perspective in mind, Roettinger, SCI-Arc’s former design director,...

Eliza Frye: How to Succeed in Comics, Online and Off

When Eliza Frye used Kickstarter to fund her first hardcover collection of graphic stories, she raised more than double her goal amount. In this, the conclusion of our two-part talk, she discusses a variety of topics, including online comics, comics conventions, and other projects. You’ll find part one here. And you’ll find Eliza this...

The Comics of Eliza Frye: A Gateway to the Sequential Arts

A lady is murdered. She was a Parisian prostitute. We meet some people who knew her. A bloody butcher. A flower merchant. A client. A painter for whom she modeled. A few others. We attend her burial. The murderer is revealed, the story ends. With a minimum of dialogue, the dark, tense eroticism of...