Smack It, Crack It, Chip It, Melt It

Who remembers the jingle with the tagline BO-NO-MO-OH-OH-OH . . . TURKISH TAFFY. Originally distributed through Woolworth's stores in large sheets from which pieces were broken off with a ball-peen hammer.

Sugar, Sugar, Honey, Honey: Sweet Logos for a Candy Emporium

Michael Doret, the master letterer and founder of Alphabet Soup Type Founders, is involved in “a really interesting logo/design project out here in LA.” It is a series of six logos—five by Doret, one by Laura Smith (hers is last in this post)—for a new retail space that collects 12 candy shops under one...

Hey It’s Delish!

Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, a brand that faded away in 1980 after being one of America’s most popular candy bars for nearly 100 years, is being revived by Ken Wiesen, a Long Island attorney who quit his private practice to devote himself to the project. “It was one of those candies that stood out in...