JT Steiny’s Caustic Caricatures

JT Steiny’s caricatures—especially with their liberal use of nudity, sex, and scatology—are meant to upset, provoke and even outrage.


Honoré Daumier: The Michelangelo of Caricature

“There is a lot of Michelangelo in that fellow,” observed realist author and playwright Honoré Balzac in reference to Honoré Daumier. As one of the better-known artists of the French Realism Movement, which took place from 1840 to the late nineteenth century and was an era of artists who honed in on real life often...


The Importance of Creating Provocative, Uncensored Art

Don’t say you weren’t told. WARNING! Graphic Content: Political Cartoons, Comix and the Uncensored Artistic Mind has well over 350 controversial illustrations by artists from around the world and throughout history. They deal with extremes of political, cultural, sexual, racial, and, yes, religious issues. It’s also an ebook, enhanced with plenty of video and...

Li'l Abner's Al Capp: A Monstrous Creature, a Masterful Cartoonist

No doubt about it: Al Capp engaged in depraved behavior. Most disgraceful was his attempted rape of a number of women, from college co-eds to Grace Kelly. And, as the interview below suggests, there may be more. Capp also created Li’l Abner, once one of America’s most acclaimed comic strips. It began in 1934,...

Lost Garretto Covers Found

This is not the find of the century. Yet for the few Paolo Garretto fans out there, it might be a minor discovery of some note. I posted a pair of stories about Garretto, the Italian master of the moderne airbrush technique known for his Vanity Fair and Fortune covers, almost a year ago...

Filbert's Nightmare Ride

The Daily Heller proudly publishes occasional comics by Robert Grossman. Here is the recent installment, “Filbert’s Nightmare Ride.” For more cartoons in the “O-Man” series go here to O-Manland. And view the last installment, “Filbert Strikes Back,” below and here.  (And click on the image for a larger view.)