graphic designer and hand-letterer Jen Marquez

Designer of the Week: Jen Marquez

Meet Chicago-based Designer of the Week Jen Marquez, a designer and hand-letterer who can frequently be found sharing hand-lettered pieces with the world.

Designer of the Week: Matthew Muñoz

Meet Matthew Muñoz of New Kind, where they practice storytelling in design, crafting stories that excite and inform, and help clients realize their future.

Keeping Everyone in the Loop: 50 Years of Chicago “L” Graphics

A recent visit to Chicago reminded me of how enamored I am of its rapid transit. It’s so much a part of what makes Chicago unique and exciting to me. Chicago is one of those cities with a “sound” to it—San Francisco being another—and the elevated “L” system is the reason why. Much of...

Chicago’s Design Meat Market

Peek inside the 1936 and 1940 editions of "27 Chicago Designers" booklet, used to promote Chicago's designers and illustrators.

“Writers I Have Loved”—The Graphic Reflections Of Joshua Landsman

I’ve known Joshua Landsman for over 45 years. We went to the same junior-high/high school in Evanston, lllinois, and even worked on our school newsletter together. I was always in awe of his writing talent—and sense of humor. He’s since written screenplays and one-act plays—his “Frank Talk About Matters Big And Small” played at...

Flying Colors: The Best and Worst of Flag Design

Bonne Bastille! I am a laggard this year on celebrating July 14, but  a no less ardent one. I’ve always been a particular fan of this dashing-to-smashing holiday—dashing until the smashing came along, that is. It puts me in mind of all things patriotic, particularly that ultimate piece of local branding: the flag. This...