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What Are Wild Books?

Steven Heller chats with Etienne Delessert about what's missing in children's book publishing today—and what a new event is trying to do about it.


Image of the Day, July 2, 2013

Excellent 3D illustrations by Chris Sickels of Red Dog Studio for this Jennifer LaRue Huget children’s book, The Beginners Guide to Running Away from Home. Read more Sickels’ process at Letterology.


The Italian Rand

“I know a lot of things” by Paul and Ann Rand was published in 1956 and is still a fresh as it ever was. It also knows no bounds. It was republished in Italian as “Quante cose so” by Edizioni Corraini as part of its program to reprint all of Rand’s and many other...

How To Design An App

“I’ve been pretty busy, but in a good way,” reports Baltimore-based illustrator/designer/MICA instructor Joyce Hesselberth. “I usually have some editorial projects in the works. I just finished a few pieces for “The New York Times” and the “Chronicle Review.” I have design projects too—a campaign for an eco-village and a campaign for an art...

Watty Piper's 1930 “The Little Engine That Could”

When I was a very young child (circa 1960), one of the first books I was given was a 1930 edition of Watty Piper’s The Little Engine That Could. I’ve loved trains since I was a kid and I’m convinced this little tome was an early contribution to what’s become an obsession. It would...

Russian Revolutionary Kids' Lit

“The Experimental Art of Russian Children’s Book,” a new exhibition opening tonight in New York and running through June 7, offers a unique opportunity for U.S. visitors to see originals of classic kids’ books from Moscow. Included are historic books from prominent New York collections, experimental letters, and graphic constructions of the famous EDAS studio,...