Mangasia: A Thousand Views of a Hundred Years of Asian Comics

Do we really need another book-length history of manga? Especially so soon on the heels of John Lent’s excellent Asian Comics, published just a few years ago? Turns out, yes. Mangasia: The Definitive Guide to Asian Comics, by comics expert Paul Gravett, is a very important addition, with a great deal to recommend it.

Ye Olde China on 5th Avenue

China is changing at such a rapid pace, the old socialist realism and patriotic romanticism of the '50s through '80s is receding from memory and practice. Occasionally, I find relics of that past, such as these examples.

Dispatches from Hong Kong, Part 1: The Page One Challenge

Perhaps no Hong Kong newspaper faces a greater daily challenge than the South China Morning Post, which has been bringing news of Hong Kong and China to its readers, in English, since 1903. During its history, the SCMP has been owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation and is now owned by Malaysian tycoon Robert Kuok’s Kerry Media. The SCMP is one...