Christoph Niemann

Weekend Heller: Finally, Christoph Niemann Proves His Innate Genius

[Special to the Daily Heller] Science has finally proved beyond a Neil DeGrasse Tyson-shadow-of -a-doubt that Christoph Niemann, an engagingly witty, Teutonically charming, inscrutably clever editorial, book and bathroom wall illustrator and Lego-expert, is actually a natural bone fide genius on the cosmically gifted level of Issac Newton, Pablo Picasso, Albert Einstein and Mel Brooks....

jessica hische, tomorrow I'll be brave

13 Graphic Designers Who Created Picture Books

From Paul Rand to Jessica Hische, these 13 graphic designers have ventured into the craft of children’s literature, all with one notable thing in common: bringing their skills as designers to an audience just getting started in learning to read and see the world.

03/19/2014: Design and Violence animated gifs

As part of MoMA’s Design & Violence series, Christoph Niemann created this excellent series of animated gifs that change the tools of war into games by altering the original intent of their design. The series, entitled Commoditized Warfare, takes its name and influence from the work of Yosuke Ushigome, whose series of videos have...

Niemann Goes Large

Years ago, I asked Christoph Niemann "to do something large." And he said "no way!" He did it nonetheless, for a show at Gallerie Max Hetzler in Berlin (installation below) November 23, 2013 – January 18, 2014.

My Ideal Bookshelf: The Books That Make the Designer

Visually, the average bookshelf is a mess. Arranged along single planks are these hundreds of objects of every conceivable dimension and color, spanning decades—centuries, even—of our cultural history. Stately black-and-orange Penguin Classics butt against the garish hues of a science fiction series that we secretly devour, which rubs covers with our starkly minimal art...

ICON Reax, Part 1: Is Animation the Future of Illustration?

So Print – as in “print” – has launched its daily blog (the good news is that it’s not called “Out Of Print.”) But what else can be said about publishing’s future? This issue was the primary topic of discussion and debate throughout the ICON 6 illustration conference. Held at the Langham Hotel –...