Following Up From Yesterday

Yesterday, David Ramos commented upon my conversation with Adobe’s Lea Hickman: Design curricula are failing to teach students how to work programmatically, and the best response, then, is to make software that tries to compensate for designers’ lack of knowledge? I can’t agree. …and I couldn’t agree more. In fact, that’s the actual reason...

Today's Obsession: Is Good Code Impossible?

Rapture in Venice (“The Web Experts!”) asks, “is good code impossible in a client-based scenario?” then details the question with a retelling of an excruciating client project. Not only is the project excruciating, it’s 100% accurate.

Today's Obsession: Forget about Monday's Obsession

So, today, I’m going to rescind Monday’s entry. I read a bit more about the actual technology behind, which can be done on your iPhone via Safari, and brother, it is scary. This should never have been labeled as “freely-available jailbreaking,” but rather “a code exploit free in the wild.” To explain: this...