coffee poster

08/29/2014: Coffee infographic

Infographic popularity continues to increase and, to that end, new business ventures focusing on the organizational artform continue to grow and develop. Follygraph, a design studio specializing in stylish graphics suitable for framing opens in mid-September. Prior to opening, the …


Image of the Day, April 23, 2013

Paste Magazine lists hosts a comprehensive gallery of coffee packaging design, including this entry for Verve Coffee Roasters by Chen Design Associates. See more here.  


Image of the Day, April 22 2013

This coffee consumption infographic by Berlin-based designer Susann Greuel makes the most of its mostly neutral color palette to create a clean, well-organized and attractive infographic. Check out more here.

Coffee Trikes: Coming Soon to a Sidewalk Near You

There’s a new movement percolating in the world of mobile culinary retail. If you spend much time on Kickstarter, you may have noticed it already. The food-truck trend, in full-force for a while now, is giving way to an even …

Free Pouring: A Typology of Latte Art

My kitchen has an espresso machine, an industrial grinder, a home grinder. two coffee pots, an iced coffee maker, a french press, a pour over kit… Needless to say, I’m well-equipped in case there is an apocalypse and the new …