Weekend Heller: Sutnar, SEGD, Ghettos

Take a look at a video released by Cooper Hewitt with Ladislav Sutnar, the SEGD awards and jury, and an exhibition of photographs casually shot by Nazi functionaries, soldiers and Jewish "Judenrat" officials before the Final Solution.

The Cooper-Hewitt's New Electronic Publishing Series

On February 1, the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, will launch the first three titles in its new DesignFile line of e-books on design writing and research. According to a press release, DesignFile will publish “at least six to 12 titles annually during its first three years.” The debut e-books are The Miser’s Purse by Laura...

Los Angeles Views "Graphic Design: Now in Production"

At a Hammer Museum panel last month, Willem Henri Lucas introduced himself, Gail Swanlund, and Brian Roettinger as three L.A.-based designers who were about to discuss a current exhibition of contemporary graphic design in which none of them were included. Asking the audience to keep that perspective in mind, Roettinger, SCI-Arc’s former design director,...