Fair Use or Infringement? A Look at Politics & Copyright

A review of copyright infringements occurring in political campaigns while noting the definition of fair use and how to use it correctly. View copyright infringement and fair use examples from present and past political campaigns.


Who’s Wearing Whose Trade Dress?

In 1915 the National Biscuit Company filed 13 copyright infringement suits to enjoin these businesses from either infringing upon NBC's brand names (including their "Swastika" or red end seal) and/or violating the sanctity of their packaging motifs.


03/05/2014: Joy Division album art history

The pulsar image of Peter Saville’s iconic design for the first Joy Division album has been reproduced a lot in recent years. When Adam Capriola wanted to use the design for a parody t-shirt, he followed an internet trail that went beyond what he could have imagined. In a blog post about his findings,...

Modern Dog, Copyright, and the Burden of Proof

True story: Back in 1990, a cow from Edgerton, Minnesota, ended up at Walt Disney World, grazing away the rest of her life at places like Grandma’s Duck Farm and Magic Kingdom Park. The Holstein was named Minnie Moo because of a marking on her side that very much looked like the Mickey Mouse...

Can You Own a Color?

Color-fans can now channel their fascination into a worthy cause:, sponsored by Glidden Paint, is auctioning off shades of the digital rainbow for charity. For a $2 donation to UNICEF (or more if you wish), you can select and name your very own shade. OwnaColour also provides real-time infographics tracking favorite shades by...

Today's Obsession: Kind of Screwed

Basically all of Twitter is talking about this piece from Andy Baio, who is better known to all y’all as “one the guys who started Kickstarter.” Last year, he put out a cute lil’ one-off album called Kind of Bloop, which is a tribute to Miles Davis’ classic Kind of Blue, dressed in High...

Today’s Obsession: Jailbreaking your iPhone

Last week’s iPhone scandal came in the form of the U.S. Library of Congress’ decision that jailbreaking your iPhone is legal and doesn’t infringe upon Apple’s copyright. What this means to all of us, the end-users of Apple’s products, is that we can use them as we see fit, outside of the context of...