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The Ages Of “21”

In 1936, the former speakeasy and NYC restaurant-club, Jack & Charlie's "21" (what we now know as The 21 Club) published, "The Iron Gate" as a self-promotional tool.

My 10 Best (and One Worst) Design Items of the Half-Year

My editor told me, “Everyone likes an end-of-year list, right?” Well, I don’t. But this one’s for you, James. Happy 2011! These date back to early July, when Imprint officially launched. First the Worst. The worst “Mad Men / Creative Revolution” quote during the last half of this year ~ “So fuck you, Mad...

ICON Reax, Part 2: Is Animation the Future of Illustration?

Here’s the second half of my report on ICON 6, the illustration conference held in Pasadena, California, from July 14th to the 17th. This installment continues the feedback I’ve gotten about the “Future of Publishing” keynote panel discussion. There were a couple of issues that provoked a wide variety of strong emotions: are art...

Craig Yoe Talks ICON, Krazy Kat, and Whether Today's Cartoonists Ever Get Laid

Craig Yoe has been called a “celebrated designer” by no less an authority than The Onion. Formerly the Creative Director/VP/GM of the Muppets, Craig is co-creative director of YOE! Studio, and his lively book layouts, such as for his Arf series about comics history, are elegant examples of form following fun. His controversial “Secret...