Beyond Black Panther: A Celebration of Black Comix Creators

Black Panther the movie has just been released. Marvel’s new Black Panther: World of Wakanda spin-off series just scored this year’s GLAAD Media Outstanding Comic Book Award. And here in real life, conventions and exhibitions nationwide are honoring the talents and accomplishments of black comics creators.

See Something or Say Something

I’m pretty close to deciding that the one thing the web does incredibly well is encourage banter, and throwaway communication; a little system of streams and creeks connecting drips of chatter from one end of the world to the other, occasionally creating importance. Here’s a lovely series of data visualizations supporting the idea. Eric...

Today's Obsession: Don't Believe a Crowd

Do you remember a couple of years ago how everyone in the world was flipping out about crowdsourcing, like it was going to make labor costs drop to nothing and give tons of useful data like pots of gold from over the rainbow? Well, wrong. Here’s an interesting study at The Big Think that...