Daily Heller

Happy Fourth?

Is this really a happy 4th of July? Depends on your beliefs in America and how (or if ) they are being threatened by executive orders and judicial nominees. I am nervous about the future of freedom as we’ve known it. Still, The United States is a country built on laws that have long...

Shoe Fetish

The Hamilton Brown Shoe Factory was the first large scale industrial operation in Columbia, Missouri. Heller looks at its semi-Art Nouveau decorated catalog.

Bayer Au Naturale

Herbert Bayer (1900-1985), a maestro of the graphic arts, was most closely identified with the  Bauhaus program in Weimar, Germany.

The Big Picture

Excelsior was originally a popular movie magazine that published in Milan in Madrid from 1927 to 1937. Heller takes a look at a special issue that broke…