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Design Data Deluge

"Graphic Designers Surveyed" is a fascinating book for stat nerds and designers who are interested in their peers.


14 Reliable Data Sources for Creating Infographics

Visual messages are interpreted faster than textual ones at a mind-blowing rate of 60,000 times faster. Hence, infographics have quickly become a popular method for presenting detailed data. While infographics are beautiful and efficient, they hold a strong responsibility of providing accurate data. To assist designers in digging up reliable data, we listed some of...


How to Make an Infographic: Data, Design, Distribute

Learning how to make an infographic that is both effective and beautiful is more challenging than you might think. The most successful infographics not only display data, but do so in way that is both visually appealing and simplistic enough for anyone to understand. Explore the best infographic design techniques in the live design...


Data Visualization: How to Create Infographics

As both educational tools and practical designs, infographics have revolutionized the world of data visualization. By learning how to create infographics, you can transform dull, dry data into a visually compelling and easily understandable format. Not only are infographics quickly becoming a staple of online media and graphic design, the ability to create them...

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Spheres of Information

Data visualization has come a long way since the days of the information wheel. But the wheel is still a delight to use and sometimes a feast for sore eyes. These are some I recently found.

Data Viz Pioneer's Symbol Speak

Irving Geis (1908-1997) made maps and charts during the 1930s and 40s for Fortune. His career as “a scientific visualizer” began with a painting of the circulatory system for Fortune in 1937. For much of his career, however, he contributed illustrations to Scientific American, creating scientific data visualizations about astronomy, astrophysics, geophysics and biochemistry. You...