Debbie Millman


Why the ‘Regional’ Design Awards?

The Regional Design Awards has held a unique place in the market for 33 years as its presentation of winners acts as a geographic snapshot of graphic design in the U.S. View the art from the 2013 RDA's section openers — a collaboration between Debbie Millman and Maria Popova.

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Self-Portrait As Your Traitor: Debbie Millman Interview

Debbie Millman recently sat down with us and shared some deeper insight into the work and emotion behind her new book of visual essays, Self Portrait As Your Traitor, as well as a sneak peek in to her creative process and how she keeps that childlike inspiration alive!

Debbie Millman to Design 2013 RDA Cover

We’re beyond thrilled that Debbie Millman has agreed to design the cover for the RDA this year! Print Magazine ( is pleased to announce that Debbie Millman ( @debbiemillman) will be designing the cover of its Regional Design Annual issue which is scheduled to be released in November of this year. The Regional Design Annual,...

Designers and Books: A Great Fair for Fair Weather

The first Designers & Books Fair (at FIT in NYC)—produced by Designers & Books and its founder, Steve Kroeter—went off this past weekend with only one hitch: Hurricane Sandy. Well, partly. The organizers had to end the fair a few hours early, before the city shut down subway service. Sadly, the conversation between Richard...

My Kinda Sad Portfolio Story

This week and next, we’re asking the judges of the Print Portfolio Review to tell us about their portfolios—specifically their first portfolios, and how they helped or hindered their early careers. Yesterday, Mirko Ilić told us about the “big paper salad” he brought to New York City in 1986. Today, Debbie Millman writes about...

The Rejection Connection

Several years ago I worked with the marketing director of a technology startup that characterized itself as a company of quick, young, nimble problem-solvers. The marketing director told me that she had sole responsibility for design decisions (how wrong they often are about this). “These are great!” she said upon previewing our presentation boards...