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A Brief History of the Color Wheel

Rachel Olson offers this brief history of the color wheel in one of HOWU's newest courses: Color Theory for Designers. Gain a better understanding of color…


Dangerous Ideas on Design Education

In this manifesto James Victore reveals his ideal vision of design education—& proves, once again, why he's been described as "part Darth Vader, part Yoda."


Independent Study Courses to Fuel Your Design Education Addiction

I have a confession: I’m an education addict. Some people collect stamps; I collect courses, majors, degrees and new skills. I devour courses, workshops and tutorials with the ferocity and gusto of a dog in a bag of treats. I’m currently working on my master’s degree, and although I’ve found that juggling a career...

Aspinwall, PA High School Class of 1929.preview

The Migratory Pattern of Design Students

The United States has never made it easy for international students, but they come here in droves anyway. Their tenacity to overcome government bureaucracy, financial burden, alien customs and quirky language is more than admirable, it must be celebrated. Foreign students may think that Americans are doing them a favor, but they are contributing...