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HIDC Speakers Talk Good Design in DC

The final day of good design at HOW Interactive Design Conference DC wraps up with superstars Dan Hon, Christopher Cashdollar and Chris Butler.

A Glimpse At Life A Century Ago Through The Sketchbook Of W.G. Read

One of the pitfalls of amassing an eclectic collection of “stuff” is that it’s often difficult to remember where and under what circumstances you acquired something. That’s the case with this sketchbook of W.G. Read’s. I came across it at least 30 years ago after having moved to Brooklyn from Madison, Wisconsin – that...

An Illustrator "Celebrity Cruises" The Animation Waters

This’ll be the first of many posts (once a month, hopefully) presenting work I’ve done and the process used to produce it. When my wife Patrice and I originally opened the studio, it was to offer up to advertising clients our specialty of translating the work of illustrators, designers, cartoonists, etc., into animation for...

DesignBiz: Conducting Post-Mortem Project Evaluations

The website went live last week, and the entire staff is throwing a party to celebrate! The developers are huddled in the corner with some microbrews, plotting how they’ll splice into the agency intranet to add a virtual dartboard. Designers are mingling with the copywriters and account people, clinking wineglasses and bonding over the...