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Product Package Design

Ratcheting Down Product Package Design for Kids

The Dieline Package Design Conference Collection cover product package design from groceries to computers and challenged the audience to find was to connect with their audience via the web or their tablet.


The i(Pads) Have It

I love my iPad. It almost seems human to me, because it appears to anticipate my every need requiring me to do little more than think and move my finger.


Lolita: A Cover Girl Misunderstood

The cover of Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita has sparked much intrigue. 80 renowned designers and illustrators, like Paula Scher, Jessica Hische and Matt Dorfman (shown above), interpret the cover in new ways. Take a look.


Words – and Images – on Ed Fella

Ed Fella’s AIGA Medalist profile sums him up succinctly: He’s “one of the most influential designers of the last quarter century.” And now he’s retiring. But having been friends since I first interviewed him for Emigre back in 1993, I figure that “retire” will be more like a change of treads, appropriate for a...


Pink Floyd and the Amazing Storm Thorgerson

With a name like Storm Elvin Thorgerson, you would have to be destined for greatness. On April 18th, the man who put album art into its own music category, lost his battle with cancer. He was 69.

RDA: Forensic Ads Analysis

I’m not all that surprised that the term I thought I just made up – Forensic Ads Analyst – is an actual job description at Facebook. I coined the phrase when I took a looked through the 1982 issue of the Regional Design Annual.

Using the Design Process to Resolve Project Conflicts

“You decided to change directions…?” (cue the internal tears) Ahhh…that feeling inside that whispers, “I’ve just wasted a week on a design and now the strategy has done a u-turn spraying me with its exhaust of angst and chaos as it soars by. Everyone is looking at me like I should completely be on...

Stop, Hammer Time?

By Sean Ferry, Senior Producer Creative Development Department It started off as a joke. While the Creative Development Department sat at the captain’s table of Fahrenheit 212, they passed ideas around for the annual “dirty Santa,” and in an environment where individuals are challenged to exceed expectations, the outcome of “nailing it” is practically...