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Urban Sprawl: 5 Design Trends Driving the Way You’ll Live in the Future

Cities are growing in size and the sprawl is increasing by leaps and bounds. This growth spurt introduces new challenges for businesses and residents as they attempt to navigate a number of dynamics. The result are design trends in Agri-culture, Urban Defense, Augmentality, Conspicuous Isolation and Frugeois.

3 Emerging Pattern Trends

Pattern Observer Michelle Fifis talks about 3 emerging pattern trends that she gleaned from Indigo New York and Printsource New York — leading print shows.

Wunderkammer of Color: Spring 2012 Edition

Glorious spring is back! We’re always thrilled at its return, not least because it’s a season rife with color. Herewith, our latest discoveries. Source: Martha Stewart CMYK Easter eggs It’s never too late to dye more Easter eggs. We particularly enjoyed these clever CMYK eggs from Martha Stewart. A perfect re-purpose of that hard...