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Observer: The Well-Read Designer

Deciding which books will fuel your artistic fire is tough. And creating a must-read list for the Designers & Books website is no easy feat either. Read this Observer column to find out how Rick Poynor went about creating his.

Designers & Books Founder on the Best Book Lists

In this interview with Designer & Books founder and editor-in-chief, Steve Kroeter, he expands upon Rick Poynor's "Observer" column in the April issue of Print. Kroeter explains the origins of the site, managing designer's book lists and some designers and lists that have made an impression.

Designers and Books: A Great Fair for Fair Weather

The first Designers & Books Fair (at FIT in NYC)—produced by Designers & Books and its founder, Steve Kroeter—went off this past weekend with only one hitch: Hurricane Sandy. Well, partly. The organizers had to end the fair a few hours early, before the city shut down subway service. Sadly, the conversation between Richard...

Designers, Design Books, and More

Steve Kroeter, the tireless force behind the ever-expanding Designers & Books website (featuring 119 designers and their 1,451 favorite books), had a dream. Simply put, he wanted to organize an event where a broad swath of design publishing could be discussed on creative and business levels. I’ve been a keen supporter, not just because...