Diego Rivera

Graphics For A Fortune

Fortune Magazine isn't necessarily known to be the most graphically compelling publication. That is, unless you look back to the magazine's first 15 years, starting in 1929. Find out who penned the illustration for its original prototype—a rare piece!

The Great Red Sells Golden Brew

Diego Rivera, the great muralist and outspoken Communist, allowed his work to be commissioned by Nelson Rockefeller and advertised by a golden cerveza. Whoever said ideology prevents free thought? Or free trade? . For more Steven Heller, check out his book Graphic Design Time Line: A Century of Design Milestones—one of the many Heller...

Rebeca Mendez on Terrorism, her TED Talk, and the Arctic Tern

This is the first of two features on PMCA‘s latest exhibition. The second, my interview with the Clayton Brothers, is here. . The letter “R.” There’s the capital, erect with the stately nobility of an opera diva. And there’s the lower case: diminutive, downcast, dejected. That’s the letter Rebeca Méndez tackled as one of...