Foundations in Digital Media Design

Learn what digital media design is with an excerpt from HOW Design University's course, "Intro to Digital Media Production" and see brilliant examples.


09/10/2014: Interactive music video

The latest video for lo-fi punk musician Ty Segall’s single, Manipulator, takes the concept to its natural extreme. The interactive website for the video allows viewers to click on any area of the screen to instantly switch out the scene with any number of random images, from 50s aliens to babies to Cyrano De...


A Stan Mack Cartoon Chronicle of Revolutions Foretold

Stan Mack’s “Real Life Funnies” strip, created in the mid-1970s for the “Village Voice,” presaged the documentary comics of artists such as Art Spiegelman and Joe Sacco. And now it appears that his Print feature from 17 years ago also anticipated today’s digital communications environment. Here’s Mack’s personal, behind-the-scenes details about one such story....

There Is No Box!

We used to joke around the office that our work amounted to an unending cycle; “Another day, another rectangle,” we’d say. And in some ways, that still works. After all, new devices are popping into existence all the time; each one with its own unique, glowing, rectangular screen into which will eventually be squeezed...

Today's Obsession: The Digital Earth

Japan’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation displayed this pretty pretty thing—it’s the world’s first spherical organic LED display, made by Mitsubishi Electric. The sphere itself is made up of about 10,000 little OLEDs. (My boyfriend’s first remark upon seeing it was, “that’s expensive.”) The display of information is the cool thing, though....