donald trump

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Bathroom humor has long been a mainstay of American politics, and the latest in this tradition is a limited-edition doggie poop bag with a handsome portrait of the Donald by Robert Grossman.

Chwast’s Quote: The Illustrated Words of Donald Trump

A notable quote from Donald Trump, illustrated by Seymour Chwast—number 132 in a weekly series. Submit a quote in the comments (or on Twitter or Facebook), and it will be considered for a future column. For more Seymour Chwast, check out The Last Word, his illustrated column in Print magazine, available from

Enough Already!!!

As Donald Trump’s face pops up on the evening news again and again (as though he paid for the time), it occurs to me that we can credibly question whether Trump was actually born. Let me explain . . . Despite the birth certificate from The Jamaica Hospital (above), which is typographically questionable, there...