Ed Ruscha

Pop Art-Inspired Movie Posters for the 2017 Oscars

In honor of both the 2017 Oscars and the recent 30th anniversary of Andy Warhol’s death, the design team at Shutterstock created a great series of Oscar movie posters inspired by famous pop artists including Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Idelle Weber and more.

How Sean Adams Transforms His Childhood Insecurities into Brilliant Graphic Design

If you’ve seen Sean Adams at design functions, you’ll recall a bright and friendly guy who makes grinning 1960s-era stewardesses seem positively dour by comparison. In fact, in a behind-the-scenes story about my Imprint coverage of an event last year I noted, “Throughout AIGA National’s Pivot conference, none of the on-stage staff smiled anywhere...

3:01 PST. Pacific Standard Gift Book Time, part 1

Forget the Rose Parade; the real reason to be in L.A. right now is Pacific Standard Time… the arts program, not just the zone. A six-month “happening” that kicked off in October, PST is the largest collaborative art project ever undertaken in Southern California. Over 60 museums, galleries, and other institutions allow us to...