A Glossary of Engraving Terms

Due to its insanely minute detail, engraving remains a little-known process. Here, Nancy Sharon Collins offers up a glossary of print engraving terms.


9/26/2014: Engraved poster

Announcing Print’s all-new Typography & Lettering Awards! Whether you design your own typefaces, design type-centric pieces or create fascinating handlettered projects, we want to see your work. This ornate, limited edition engraved print was commissioned by Neenah as part of its Beauty of Engraving series. The poster was designed by recent New Visual Artist...


Image of the Day, 12/13/13: Winter scene cards

Last chance! The Print Celebrates Design Competition 2013 is the first ever Print competition focused on all things festive! Join the party and submit your 2013 designs today! Love these linoleum-engraved illustrations in these cards, inspired by Montreal street scenes and created by L’abricot. Limiting the color palette really enhances their wintry feel. Check...

Today's Obsession: Friends of Type

Oh, dude. Erik Marinovich has made some gorgeous letters over at Friends of Type, a chunky grotesque in silhouette, formed from Olde Tyme Engravings. They’re pretty great; I wanna use these to make t-shirts or stencils (not that I would paint anything on the walls of Chicago, no sir, not me). The objects inside...