JT Steiny’s Caustic Caricatures

JT Steiny’s caricatures—especially with their liberal use of nudity, sex, and scatology—are meant to upset, provoke and even outrage.


Robert Andrew Parker on Life and Illustration

We see deeply disturbing images in dark, murky colors: guns pointing at heads, children strung up by their feet, abandoned eyeglasses lying twisted in a void. Eventually, we come to a factory billowing smoke: the crematorium at Auschwitz. They’re from a series of 20 hand-colored etchings, titled “German Humor.” And they’re by Robert Andrew...

Black Dahlia Murder: the Crime, the Cosmetics, and the Folksinger

  So I’m at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood to scope this 1933 Stanwyck flick about broads behind bars, but before it starts this dame gets up in front, name Joan Renner. Says her passion is historic crime and vintage cosmetics: sounds to me like a lethal combination. Then she gives the whole audience...

3:02 PST. Pacific Standard Gift Book Time, part 2

This is a follow-up to my earlier post on holiday gift suggestions for people who like their art, and art catalogs, served with a hearty helping of design content. . Catalog L.A.: Birth of an Art Capital 1955-1985 Centre Pompidou exhibition catalog For graphic design enthusiasts, the best overview of Southern California’s current Pacific...