02/28/2014: Oscar dress poster

The 86th Academy Awards are this weekend and to commemorate, the people at Mediarun released this engaging, infographic-style poster. It illustrates the dresses worn in the Best Actress category from 1929 to the Christian Dior dress worn by Jennifer Lawrence …


Why Do Horizontal Stripes Rule in Maternity Wear?

Jude Stewart answers a question that has plagued women for years: If horizontal stripes make you look fatter, why do they dominate maternity wear? Is it just a cruel conspiracy? The latest research suggests it’s not.


Weekend Heller: Jackets, Cones and Steampunk

Book Jackets for the Crowdsourced Generation Recovering The Classics is a crowdsourced collection of original covers for 50 of the greatest books in the public domain. All books are available for sale as both digital and softcover editions to support the …


Image of the Day, April 24, 2013

Jeff Kulak’s illustration and design for the Owl Kids “Learn to Speak” series match the tone and subject matter perfectly. Read an interview with Kulak on the ADC blog.

Color And Pattern Punch from New York Fashion Week 2013

I’m a sucker for fashion-watching, not least because this strays well outside my usual professional bailiwick. At the same time, and feel free to borrow my elaborate reasoning to excuse your own extracurricular horseplay, parsing the trends in color and …

Beauty and the Beads

“I think of fashion as a medium of communication,” says Victor-John Villanueva. “It can convey ideas, both large and small. On a very personal level, it can convey your mood and state of mind.” On February 13th, Victor is poised …