Fortune Magazine

Graphics For A Fortune

Fortune Magazine isn't necessarily known to be the most graphically compelling publication. That is, unless you look back to the magazine's first 15 years, starting in 1929. Find out who penned the illustration for its original prototype—a rare piece!

Magazine Pages, Lionni-Style

To promote well-designed advertisements for Fortune magazine, in the late 1950s its art director Leo Lionni (1910–1999) devised a formidably large booklet in a slipcase to demonstrate “Fortune‘s high standards of graphic excellence” in terms of its four-color letterpress printing. The abstract forms below are either single or double pages from this book, titled...

When Fortune Reigned on Wall Street

Before the Occupy Movement picked its fight with Wall Street, Wall Street picked a fight with the old-school Tycoons. At least Fortune magazine did. That’s the magazine of big business that was launched in 1930, founded by Henry Luce chief of Time/Life. Only four months after the 1929 Stock Market Crash and the start...