You’re Getting Sleepy, Very Sleepy

At the turn of the century Mon. J. Filiatre, drawing from ancient methods and revealing them in 128 photographs (some included here), teaches the world "les sciences utiles" of hypnotism.

Image of the Day, 09/18/2013: Modern poster design

Print contributor Rick Poynor offers a comprehensive guide to modern poster design that includes a look at the work of French design team Helmo’s work with Pronomade(s) en Haute-Garonne and the new approach the team took with the art center’s exhibit posters in 2012 (as shown below). Read the entire guide...

2012 New Visual Artist: Jerome Corgier

By Jane Lerner Looking at Jerome Corgier’s type sculptures, with their suggestive, amorphous shapes, can be a bit like gazing at clouds. In his love for pure typography, Corgier often strips down forms until their meaning loosens. Letters “immediately lose their signification when you play with them,” he says, “and with...