George Lois


If George Lois were doing Esquire covers today, what would he do about the election outcome? Here's his response.

Have a Whopper Today

Famed ad man George Lois and Luke Lois have been creating these political ad caricatures for The Nation as a part of the Timeless WHopper campaign to illustrate some of the biggest fibs made by public figures.

An L.A. View of Meggs's N.Y. School of Design

Everyone will approach the fifth edition of Meggs’ History of Graphic Design through their own personal filters. Steve Heller’s already done his overview of the print and digital versions. Paul Shaw may pick up his Blue Pencil to correct factual and editorial errors. Marxist and feminist critics might deal with the two Martha Stewart...

Talkin' 'Bout Creativity

What did we do before the Internet made it possible to preserve almost anything? Some of you probably don’t remember when you had to go to a design conference to hear about things like “creativity,” and be creatively inspired. Now, it is as close as your computer screen. TED Talks, Creative Mornings, SVA MFA...