JT Steiny’s Caustic Caricatures

JT Steiny’s caricatures—especially with their liberal use of nudity, sex, and scatology—are meant to upset, provoke and even outrage.

What to Tell the Kids About Guns

When I was about eight or nine, I found Clyde M. Narramore’s book How to Tell Your Children About Sex hidden in my dad’s closet. Presumably he had been preparing himself to “have the talk,” but I got to his crib sheet first. I poured over the chapters on “Family Dressing and Undressing,” “Learning...

The 48 Best Gun Manual Covers

The 48 Best Gun Manual Covers as ranked by me, a gun-hating liberal New Yorker. These beauties are each $2.99 at, but after you are done loving the fantastic vernacular typography and copy-shop colors please visit the following hand-gun violence awareness organizations PAX, CSGV,  NYAGV and any others you’d like to add in...