hand lettering


Handlettering Gymnastics

These five handlettering artists are forging new ground in the lettering category using a variety of materials and techniques to achieve stunning results.


The Explosive Hand Lettering Rebellion

A stealthy resurgence happening in the design world. Hand lettering is not-so-quietly making a colossal comeback, exploding into the forefront of design.


Weekend Heller: Learn Sign Painting

Sign painter Mike Meyer is bringing his hand-lettering workshop to New York. The event will give participants a chance to learn from one of the masters, with brushes, paint and lettering.

Lauren Hom’s Daily Dishonesty

Lauren Hom wants you to lie to her. You know all those little promises that you make to yourself—all those trays of Thanksgiving treats you think you’re going to avoid tomorrow? Hom is honoring our collective lack of willpower and ability to fool ourselves in a fun and bitingly honest new blog called Daily...

This & That

Ah, the naming process. Who hasn’t been in a crowded conference room enduring a heated debate between the “cool, offbeat name” and the “one small step away from where we’re at” name? It got me thinking about the word and, the ampersand, or the plus sign. Dress it up however you like, it’s happening...

A Father, a Bride, and the Writing on the Wall

By Doug Katz My first-born daughter will marry in October. Months ago, she asked me to help her design custom invitations. I have reasonably refined graphic sensibilities, having been a professional for some 20 years. But the truth is, my talents can’t hold a candle to hers. She came to visit, sat with me...

Hand Lettering on the Internet

This summer I went on a relaxing vacation (a new experience for me) and decided to sit on the porch all day and draw letters. Perhaps the years and years I’ve spent in complete awe and jealousy of Steve Powers final built up and I thought, this time, I’m going to do it. I’m...