09/05/2014: Paper-cut illustration

Paper-cut and paper-fold illustrators seem to be increasing in demand of late. Combining the creativity of illustration with an intricate handmade craft leads to some unexpectedly imaginative results. Take this portfolio from L.A.-based illustrator Elsa Mora whose work borders on the delicate and the surreal. Her papercutting blog is an excellent resource for anyone...

Old School vs. New School

In an effort to pull students away from the confines of a screen, they were tasked to design a poster for a play by Shakespeare by hand and also by computer. These were critiqued in a side-by- side comparison of the two efforts.

Inspired by TeePees

The perfect design A while back I stayed in a teepee while on vacation and it was the best sleep I have ever had. I could have just been really tired which would not be crazy but I like to believe it was the sleeping vessel. I was thrilled when an upcoming project was...