Henrik Drescher

Henrik Drescher’s Migratory Books

Explore Henrik Drescher's newest book, China Days: A Visual Journal From China's Wild West (Chronicle Books), which chronicles his almost two decades of discovery living with this wife, Wu Wing Yee in China.

Can You Have Too Much Bliss?

According to Henrik Drescher, yes! But bliss has a price. His visually hyperactive letterpress book, Too Much Bliss, turned laser printed paperback, is now available (mailed from China, where Drescher lives and works) for just $80 U.S. Too Much Bliss is a limited edition book that Drescher made with Granary Books in 1992, it...

House Proud

Who doesn’t like seeing where artists and designers work? I could stare at photos in situ for hours. Alexander Liberman’s 1988 book The Artist in His Studio was a revealing X-ray into many famous artists’ inner sanctums. Likewise, Henrik Drescher’s “ongoing project” titled Work Spaces, collecting photos of artists, designers and cartoonists in their...