Herbert Bayer

Bayer Au Naturale

Herbert Bayer (1900-1985), a maestro of the graphic arts, was most closely identified with the  Bauhaus program in Weimar, Germany.

Graphics For A Fortune

Fortune Magazine isn't necessarily known to be the most graphically compelling publication. That is, unless you look back to the magazine's first 15 years, starting in 1929. Find out who penned the illustration for its original prototype—a rare piece!

Andy Warhol's Attraction to Herbert Bayer's Lips

When Alexey Brodovitch was art directing Harper’s Bazaar, he ran a striking cover by Herbert Bayer for its 1940 “College Fashions” issue. A three-quarter view photo of a woman’s face is duplicated in two rows of four: a clear newsstand eye-catcher. Brodovitch went on to commission an up-and-coming illustrator named Andy Warhol for several...

Bauhaus Mapping: Herbert Bayer's Innovative Atlas

Atlases have been around for centuries, but up until the 1950s, most were maps, pure and simple. Former Bauhaus master Herbert Bayer’s unique contribution (not simply as a designer, but as an author) was to show that maps did more than illustrate space and place. Maps were, he proffered, a record of time and...

Not the Harvey Pekar Graphic Novel You'd Expect

Harvey Pekar had been collaborating with the comic book artist JT Waldman on a book project, one that charts the journey from his Zionist upbringing to his questioning of Israel’s role in the world. But Pekar died in July 2010. Still, Waldman continued to work on it, and now it’s about to be published. Peter...