When Saul Bass Met Hitchcock

Vertigo, North by Northwest and Psycho are three back-to-back films from Alfred Hitchcock's late golden period—and three films that legendary designer Saul Bass also left his stylistic mark on.


Coming Soon: Movie Posters for Those Films Inside Our Heads

Attention dedicated film buffs: have you seen Saul Bass’s other sci-fi feature, Rendezvous with Rama? How about Luis Bunuel’s supernatural Las Fotografias? Or that low-budget thriller by Alfred Hitchcock’s nephew, Oh Shit, Bees!? Of course you haven’t. They only exist in print form, as part of “Coming Soon,” an L.A. exhibition of designs for...

WonderCon: My "4 Highlights" List

Southern California got a taste of WonderCon for three days last week, while its usual venue, San Francisco’s Moscone Center, is being spruced up. Those who expected another San Diego Comic-Con will have wondered where the monstrous comics, film, and toy company display booths and crushing crowds were. But this one’s on a more...

Alfred Hitchcock: Typography & Fashion

After reading Print’s “Back Issue” article in the June issue about an Alfred Hitchcock piece from 1977, I started looking for more evidence of Hitchcock’s art director/advertising eye. It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon the 1000 Frames of Hitchcock Wiki, an incredible undertaking by “Davey P.,” a library systems manager who reduced all...