When Saul Bass Met Hitchcock

Vertigo, North by Northwest and Psycho are three back-to-back films from Alfred Hitchcock’s late golden period—and three films that legendary designer Saul Bass also left his stylistic mark on.


Coming Soon: Movie Posters for Those Films Inside Our Heads

Attention dedicated film buffs: have you seen Saul Bass’s other sci-fi feature, Rendezvous with Rama? How about Luis Bunuel’s supernatural Las Fotografias? Or that low-budget thriller by Alfred Hitchcock’s nephew, Oh Shit, Bees!? Of course you haven’t. They only exist …

WonderCon: My "4 Highlights" List

Southern California got a taste of WonderCon for three days last week, while its usual venue, San Francisco’s Moscone Center, is being spruced up. Those who expected another San Diego Comic-Con will have wondered where the monstrous comics, film, and …

Alfred Hitchcock: Typography & Fashion

After reading Print’s “Back Issue” article in the June issue about an Alfred Hitchcock piece from 1977, I started looking for more evidence of Hitchcock’s art director/advertising eye. It wasn’t long before I stumbled upon the 1000 Frames of Hitchcock …