10 Dazzling Holiday Design Projects

How do you celebrate the holidays? Our RDA winners have some suggestions. Check out some decked-out, holiday-cheering, gift-tastic winners from across the US. Still need some gift ideas? HOW Design has its Gift Guide for Designers. Or discover some swanky treats in the Print Regional Design Annual. Purchase it online here or subscribe. Happy Holidays! 1....


All That’s Green is Glorious

This post explores the many contradictory meanings of the color green, from poison to nature, from luck to its opposite.


Chwast’s Quote: Illustrated Words of Wisdom

An anonymous notable quote, illustrated by Seymour Chwast—number 122 in a weekly series. Submit a quote in the comments (or on Twitter or Facebook), and it will be considered for a future column. For more Seymour Chwast, check out The Last Word, his illustrated column in Print magazine, available from


An Offbeat History of Wrapping Paper

Imprint’s longtime color columnist, Jude Stewart, is writing a new series on patterns in design. Previously, she asked whether ornament is really a crime, spoke to the founders of a London-based “pattern consultancy,” and toured Philadelphia University’s patterns archive. Here’s a holiday statistic that’ll blow your hair back: The Guardian reports that we collectively use...

Where Do All the Winter Holiday Colors Come From?

Have you thrown in the pre-holiday productivity towel yet? Here’s hoping you’re already lolling over an eggnog, tending to that urgent gift-wrap origami. If not, we humbly offer a tantalizingly holiday-themed distraction for you to read furtively whenever the boss isn’t swanning by your desk. After all, it’s educational and season-appropriate to ask: where...

Brian o h-Eachtuigheim (neé Heron)

For St. Patrick’s Day I wrote this post, noting that I was art director of the Irish Arts Center in New York City back in 1972. The founder of the center, Brian Heron, was one of those people I’ll never forget. His dark hair always flying in all directions, this black mustachioed firebrand, a...