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Andrew Gibbs Dieline Conference

Andrew Gibbs Previews The Dieline Conference

The field of packaging design is on the rise, with young designers creating groundbreaking work for brands. Andrew Gibbs talks about how The Dieline Conference is evolving, too.

Debbie Millman, Self Portrait as Your Traitor

Debbie Millman Introduces New HOW Conference

Debbie Millman has partnered with HOW Design Live to create the new HOW Leadership Conference, with a lineup of high-profile speakers and a focus on leadership at work and in life.


5 Reasons You Must Go to HOW Design Live 2013

Designers! (And here we all picture the stern elegance of Project Runway’s Tim Gunn, locking his gaze with our over trim, gold-rimmed glasses.) If you haven’t already registered for HOW Design Live 2013, you’ve got just about a month left to rectify this grievous oversight. In today’s post, I give you 5 sure-fire reasons...

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New Grant Helps Newbie Attend 2013 HOW Design Live

From freelancers to in-house managers, those who have had the privilege of attending a HOW Conference understand its value. The epic affair that is HOW Design Live gives creative professionals an opportunity to change their careers (and their lives), whether in the form of more profitable business strategies or inspiration for a new project....


ROY G. BIV: An Exceedingly Surprising Book (and Talk) About Color

  Color mavens, I’m busting my buttons with pride as I announce that my first book, ROY G. BIV: An Exceedingly Surprising Book About Color, is now available for pre-order via Amazon and elsewhere on the web. You’ll get it in your hot little hands in mid-September, but you can stuff your future with...

HOW Design Live Is Coming, HOW Design Live Is Coming

Every year our sister pub, HOW magazine, throws a big party event for designers called the HOW Conference. Thousands of eager creative minds gather together to listen, learn, and commune. And then take the streets by storm to protest the unfair conditions… oh, wait, different thing, sorry. Regardless, the HOW Conference is fun and...