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4 Advanced Responsive Web Design Techniques

Explore the latest design trends and network with the greatest minds in the design world at HOW Design Live 2015. Register here! By now, most interactive designers have tried their hand at responsive web design. Why not take your work to the next level? In Advanced Responsive Web Design Techniques with Brian Wood, you’ll...


Type Lessons: 1 Hour Typeface Experiment

Even seasoned designers can get into a rut. Professor, designer and author Denise Bosler shares how to challenge yourself today with a type lesson from her upcoming course.


The Explosive Hand Lettering Rebellion

A stealthy resurgence happening in the design world. Hand lettering is not-so-quietly making a colossal comeback, exploding into the forefront of design.


How to Design Creative Packaging for Beverages

Creative packaging design takes a lot of work to perfect. Read up on it in the Handmade Packaging Workshop book by Rachel Wiles. This book explores explores innovation, design, and the beautiful aesthetic of handcrafted packaging. Get it here. Do you have a great idea for creative packaging for your favorite drink? Have you...


HOW U Video: Try it Free

HOW and Print are proud to introduce HOW Design University Video, a new website featuring a broad variety of design videos and tutorials to help you advance your career and perfect your design skills. For 25 years, the HOW brand has been educating designers in all disciplines by drawing from the brightest minds in...

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Final Cut Pro X for Designers: How to Create and Edit Video

Register for the HOW Interactive Design Conference to learn even more about interactive design from renowned industry experts and network with your peers! Learning how to create and edit video can be a great way to expand your design expertise, and it can make for a wonderful addition to your interactive design work. You...