Stop Accepting Defaults

An interesting confluence of writings in the media: several authors questioning the use of defaults (some several years ago), most using their exploration to define why usage of default systems are a terrible idea. The current overuse of default systems in visual design: Rob Giampetro and Rudy Vanderlans. Google’s efforts and spendings in keeping...

Today's Obsession: Maqetta

If you’re having a little trouble getting some of the newer HTML/CSS3 properties to come to mind, here’s a cool tool that makes them for you. Then you can rip apart the code and copy/paste until it sticks. Don’t laugh; I don’t know a single coder who doesn’t learn this way. Maqetta’s a new,...

Today's Obsession: Microdata

As the HTML5 specification continues to be hammered out and experimented with across the web, we all begin to be more familiar with its more gee-whiz aspects, like animation and video. But Webmonkey shows off something I literally had no idea was in the spec: microdata.

Today's Obsession: HTML5 for Web Designers

Jeremy Keith’s HTML5 for Web Designers is available now from A Book Apart. Go do! HTML5 has been a long time coming, and promises, along with CSS3 and true support for font embedding, that the next few years will see a better-designed web.