daily heller 2-4-14

Hard News in the Icon Age

Sylvain Boyer founded icons times, which he claims “is quite possibly the first iconographic news aggregator.” It provides a new way to read the news by representing each breaking story as an informative icon. Icons times presents a series of icons evolving over time and topics, creating a new language and a new way to read news. I was intrigued by Boyer’s concept and skeptical of its viability, so I asked him to explain:


Image of the Day, August 5, 2013

ShaoLan Hsueh’s Chineasy is a ingenious Kickstarter project that involves teaching Chinese through creating memorable illustrations from Chinese characters. Read more about the project here. Via Creative Bloq.


Image of the Day, May 31 2013

Genis Carreras well exceded his kickstarter goal for a postcard book on Philographics, a series of sometimes complex concepts using simple shapes, colors and iconography. Via Design Boom.


Image of the Day, April 30 2013

This ambitious large-scale branding campaign for a project called idBrooklyn is looking to kickstarter for funding. Check out more here. Via Creative Roots.

Calling All Pardners

Most of you won’t recall the Hopalong Cassidy film series, which in 1949 became the first TV Western series. William Boyd starred as Hoppy, the Western hero known for all time as “The epitome of gallantry and fair play,” and …