identity design


Image of the Day: 10/18/2013: Chocolate packaging

Alex Register created the identity and this sophisticated packaging for the Yonder & Co. Chocolate Shop. The look establishes a specialized handmade quality to the product and the primary color scheme allows one to easy distinguish the varieties. You can check out more pictures here. Via The Dieline.


Letterheads: Then and Then

Whatever the fate of the printed page, letterheads (actual or virtual) will never disappear. What's more, they will always change -- maybe not as radically as these 1931 examples of before and after, but typographic styles will denote changes in attitudes and technologies.


Image of the Day, July 26, 2013

Check out the redesign for The Contemporary Austin, a new name and look for the AMOA-Arthouse, Austin’s contemporary art museum. The new identity was developed by Pentagram’s DJ Stout. Check out more images of the new identity here. Via The Branding Source.


Image of the Day, April 19, 2013

Embossed business cards are just one of the impressive details in the identity package for this art photographer. See more from this project by INK Studio here.

Monkey Business – Part 2

By Jami Giovanopoulos, Vice President, [Editor’s note: this is a sponsored guest blog post by our friends at] Steven Noble collaborated with GBH in London to design the illustration logo identity and all room collateral for SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills (“SLS” stands for style, luxury, and service). The identity’s monkeys are a mischievous and...

My Vote for Best Redesign of 2011

Armin and Bryony have posted a fantastic look at what is my current favorite redesign of the year, at Brand New. They’re looking at the Chester Zoo, which Music just redid, showing off some genius, genius typography. What’s not so evident without using the typography first-hand is the bananas amount of OpenType scripting being...