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Satire in Turkey

Not all satire is created equal. Despite the familiar style of Karikatür’s illustrations, this 1930s Turkish satiric journal includes its share of right and left (centrist) humor attacking politicians at home and the evils abroad, as well as fostering false threats and racial enmity.


Don’t Drink and Collage?

Collage is an art that can be evocative and alluring, given the quality of the scrap and ingenuity of the artist. Poul Lange, author of The Book of Holes, has a good eye and a steady hand for collage making. His most recent set of illustrations were produced for Storied Sips, a liquor recipe book and more. I recently ask Lange to explain the mixology behind these illustrative cocktails.

What Do You Think of Illustrated E-books?

You’re reading this, so on some level you consider yourself a visual person. On sublime spring afternoons, you sit through long, foreign films; when out to dinner you comment on the design of restaurant menus; you critique the composition of …