The 2014 New Visual Artists

We’re excited to introduce you to the 2014 New Visual Artists. Get a taste of their work and learn a bit about each talented individual with this year’s 20 under 30.

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Better Off A Forgotten Illustrator Than A Rotten One

In 1977 a new illustration credit appeared on the Letters and OpEd pages of The New York Times. S. Harmon wasn’t doing anything new. It was the same collage style that Surrealist and Dada collagists had done decades before. Take a look at the work of this forgotten illustrator.

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Forgotten Designer: The LPs of Joseph Low

Most of you probably don’t know Joseph Low’s work, but you should. He was a popular illustrator in the late 1940s, ’50s and ’60s, and these album covers for the Haydn Society in Boston are a pictorial branding triumph.


Robert Andrew Parker on Life and Illustration

We see deeply disturbing images in dark, murky colors: guns pointing at heads, children strung up by their feet, abandoned eyeglasses lying twisted in a void. Eventually, we come to a factory billowing smoke: the crematorium at Auschwitz. They’re from …

Hirschfeld, Do Re Mi, and Peacock Feet

  I’ve always loved Al Hirschfeld’s work. It seems so timeless and each image he created was always a treat to visually wander through—even without his playful “Ninas.” He had solidly established his style of designed caricature by the mid …

Super Schumer Fights for Artist-Creator Credit

Never mind whether Captain America is more powerful than Iron Man or Dr. Strange. The real problem is that Marvel Comics editor/publisher Stan Lee is vastly more powerful than Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and many others who originally drew those …

Today's Obsession: Scriptographer

If you’re into generative art, and more specifically Scriptographer for Illustrator, which lets you use pre-made JavaScript files to create generative works inside Illustrator, there’s a great new Voronoi tool which lets you create lovely cellular structures. In a real-world …