04/22/2014: Pantone match Instagram

Clever idea for an Instagram account by Inka Mathew of Green Ink Studio. She takes everyday, small items and and places them over their predominant PMS chip match. For example, behold the Pantone number of the blue Fruit Loop below (a perfect match at 630 C). The result is often surprisingly striking, bringing out...

04/09/2014: Minimalist pop culture icons

Barcelona-based design studio Hey create these instantly recognizable illustrations of pop culture icons on their Instagram account EveryHey. No one is off limits – movie stars (Bill Murray), painters (Pablo Picasso), fairy tale heros (Snow White) and fictional teenage werewolves (Teen Wolf) are depicted in the same simplified and entertaining style. Follow along here....

Today's Obsession: Enough with Instagram

Laurie, whom some of our nerdier readers will recognize more readily under the name Seldo, posts a really great screed at her place about Instagram, the iPhone photo toy of the moment, and why she hates it. And she makes some great points!