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Holy Moley: An App With A Hole

The Book of Holes, a children's book with a hole running directly through the printed version, will soon become an app with unique design attributes to illustrate a similar effect.

How To Design An App

“I’ve been pretty busy, but in a good way,” reports Baltimore-based illustrator/designer/MICA instructor Joyce Hesselberth. “I usually have some editorial projects in the works. I just finished a few pieces for “The New York Times” and the “Chronicle Review.” I have design projects too—a campaign for an eco-village and a campaign for an art...


What more fitting organization to jump head first into iPad publishing than the one that has championed periodical design for dozens of years. Josh Klenert of the Society of Publication Designers just announced “We officially uploaded SPD 45 to the App Store.” SPD 45: The Design Annual For iPad is the first of its...

Gourmet Returns as iPad app!

I was delighted to read that Gourmet magazine will be resurrected as an iPad app, just in time for me to use the device in the kitchen and perhaps try my hand at a recipe or two when time allows. The news brings back the memory of a Gourmet magazine in the late 1970s. Maria and I lived...