daily heller 1-30-14

Polish Refugees in Iran

Almost half a century after World War II, in an abandoned and dust-filled storage shed beside an old photography studio in Esfahan, Iran, Parisa Damandan found a unique collection of stunning Diane Arbus-esque photographs by Abolqasem Jala that are reminders of war in general and World War II’s human displacement. Four years ago, a book of these discoveries, The Children of Esfahan, published in Tehran, were covered in a book about Polish refugees in Iran during the World War II (1942-1945). The following is the book’s introduction by Damandan.

A Report on Comic-Con… and Covert CIA Actions

Last week’s Comic-Con at San Diego’s Convention Center was overloaded with activities. If you were a Hollywood celeb–obsessed fan you may have spent much, if not most, of your time stuck in lines. But if you were a lover of …

Iranian Design Magazine #26

I have written about and for Neshan, the “professional and educational magazine with the intention of ameliorating ties between graphic designers of Iran, Asia and all parts of the world.” Now there is a new issue, and it is even …