A New Year Bonus

Is it 2014 already? Close your eyes for a minute and the world revolves, time passes and the holidays are over. Apparently, New Years day marks the beginning of the Winter blahs for those of us in Winter climes (who …


Italian Icons, Known and Unknown

Angelini Design, which produces Italian Ways, is a wellspring of icons that are key to the cultural and commercial heritage of Italy.


The Futurist Post Office

With post offices like this, who needs email? My friend Michele Angelini over at Italian Ways has made the kind of archeological design discovery that comes close to matching Heinrich Schliemann’s excavation of the historical Troy. Only this is neither …

Italia on the Screen

Italian Ways is an online magazine (in English) about Italy edited and designed by Angelini Design in Rome. The stated aim of the project, says Michele Angelini, “is to give visibility to historical and artistic Italian places—in particular the ones …